Definition: having the polish and refinement characteristic of sophisticated social life in major cities: an urbane manner.

sloane: Ideas for the urbane woman.

sloane is a digital magazine for sophisticated women. Content includes features on fashion, beauty, career, relationships, art, home decor, cooking, travel, health and more. sloane seeks to address the 21st century woman who is redefining traditional female roles. sloane has a youthful spirit, but with a unique style, confidence, achievement and self-possession she didn't have when she was younger. 

We believe the digital model is the future of publishing. Each issue contains over 250 hyperlinks to shopping resources and background information on articles and contributors. Simply download any issue to your computer, iPad or e-reader and enjoy hundreds of fantastic online resources. 




Publisher / Editor Dana Córdova

Assistant Editor Colleen Reilly

Advisory Board: 

Raul Córdova, Casey and Derek Hatchett, Vanessa Peck, Michelle McKenna, Annie Crowninshield, May Wilson, Ben Tregoe, Adam Wynne, Alan Wynne